Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind while designing your perfect kitchen.

What type of Stove you need, the sink you want, the flooring, the walls, the chimney, the shelves, the cupboard and everything else.

Not the just that, where you want to place these things are also of major concerns while designing and organizing your kitchen.

Hi, I am Eva Brown, an Interior Designer, a homemaker and most importantly, a MOM. I started being associated with Home Inventing Hub few years back. They have a great team of Designers who selects, designs and even review best products and designs for your home. When they asked me to review Best Kitchen Faucets, I got pretty excited. There are few things which are really close to my heart, Kitchen is one of them.

You know why ?

Kitchen is a place, where you make meals for your family. The vibe of the kitchen would certainly reflect in your mood and that in turn would affect the quality of your food. I just love to spend most of my free time in my Kitchen making all sorts of dishes for my children. Everything, from the best sink, to the most beautiful and purposeful stove, I have selected with utmost care. It took me around 6 months and a lot of research to finalize the way I want my kitchen to be.

And it was all worth it.

Each time I walk into that place, I fill up with such satisfaction that I just want to spend the rest of my life there. Believe me, I am not exaggerating. You would feel the same, if your kitchen is designed with care, precision and most importantly love. In the process of selecting the best for my kitchen, I learnt a lot about many different products and equipment that could turn kitchen into a wonderland. Kitchen Faucets are one such part of the kitchen.

The quality and the type of the kitchen faucet in your kitchen really define the persona of the people who use that kitchen.

To make things a bit more easy and clear for you, I have selected a few great Faucets and have broadly arranged them depending on the my personal views, reviews from my fellow interior designers and the amount you are willing to invest in them.

We have listed top 10 faucets for you.

You must be thinking

How to choose a Kitchen Faucet ?

Imagine this – it’s the morning, you’re already late for work and you’ve hurriedly had your breakfast. You swiftly turn the faucet on and you’re soaked – a frustrating start to a day, eh? In this article, I will help you dodge those situations. Why would you trust me though, of all people? I have a rational explanation to that as well. These reviews are not just mine. These are the reviews of more than 3000 users.

I wanted to be sure about the objectivity of this article, hence I sought the acumen of our beloved users of Amazon, Reddit and Facebook to guide me about which products I should test. I ended up testing more than 20 items; reached out to my e-mail subscribers and asked them to rate the products. I have 16,000 subscribers and 3000 of them responded. So don’t worry, this is not just some person on the internet throwing out her opinion. The statistics are on my side!

A Bit Of Research Doesn’t Cost A Penny

Why should you bother with choosing the right faucet? It would be a misconception to think of a faucet as “the thing that spouts water”. A kitchen faucet is not only the most used appliance in a kitchen but also a symbol of how smart-working the household is. May it be rinsing food items, washing utensils or just remembering why you entered the kitchen in the first place(been there, haven’t we?) – a faucet accompanies us all along. It is one of those silent members of the household without whom the routine would pretty much fall apart. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating. (Let your mind wander back to the soaking example, and a lot more which you might have experienced.)

A good faucet requires various factors to prove its efficacy – Durability, Installment, Design, Functionality, Warranty. We will test all of these aspects further in this article.

Factors for Selecting a Kitchen Faucet

From the very first step – Installation to the last step – Finish; I will guide you through the most logical way of choosing a faucet.

Step 1: Installation

There are usually two ways of installing a faucet – either you do it yourself or you hire a professional plumber. A plumber is always a good option, but if you buy such a faucet that can be installed very easily – you will have a bonus point. If you install the faucet by yourself, you will be aware of all the hooks and crooks of it. If your faucet should ever break; you will be able to fix it in a jiffy! But for that, you will need to buy the faucet that is guaranteed to have easy installation according to the setting of your kitchen. You also need to keep an eye out for the installation parts – they should be easy to find nearby; in the short as well as the long run.

Step 2: Functionality

You need to check if your faucet is, well, actually working. To go into more details – you should check if it provides as much water force as you would prefer. You should also check if the water filter is already installed in the faucet. Most of the modern faucets come with an in-built water filtration system, which provides you with clean and filtered water – ready for any use! Third, check the size of the water supply lines to your house. If you shop without checking these aspects, you might just get busy buying the additional components instead. Make sure you are well aware of the newly developed technical details such as the handles, the way of adjusting temperatures and the mobility of the tap. It is better to get faucets with lever/toggle style handles so that you can open and close the tap even with your elbows when your hands are greasy.

Step 3: Design – The Finish

“Elegance is a physical quality. It is the manifestation of an independent mind.” – Anonymous

After making sure all of the technical details align, we come to the most vital part of choosing a faucet. How does it look? Does it blend in with your other furniture? Does it stand out and hurt the eye when you look around the kitchen? It should not. It is a silent member, it should stay that way. You don’t want your faucet to be vividly eye-catching. It has to be simple yet elegant. Just the right amount of visibility that blends in nicely.

Bonus Step: Affordability

Now here’s the tricky part. All of the criteria mentioned above can only be rightly fulfilled if they fit your budget. You also have to keep an eye out for the warranties provided by the company. That’s some serious digging in, eh? Don’t worry, I’m here! I will be giving you a tour through the top ten kitchen faucets that 3000 users and I have tested and reviewed. Let’s hope you find your match!

Lets get into each one of them in detail.

1. Moen 7615SRS Woodmere One-Handle High-Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist Stainless

This is one of the faucets that I actually bought for my kitchen. Reason being that from its high-bend neck to its rich bends and formed handle, the Moen Woodmere Kitchen Faucet is reasonable for both conventional and current kitchens. Its unmistakable style is supplemented by pragmatic, helpful highlights like a pulldown splash head. On account of Reflex Technology, the splash head expands and after that withdraws completely and safely. Pick among two water modes just as a delay work that promptly prevents the stream of water from the spigot, decreasing water squander. Simple to introduce on account of the Duralock Quick Connect framework, the Woodmere mounts consistently against custom and different ledges for a perfect look.


It has a pull down wand which gives both of you splash modes to cover everything from vegetable washing to overwhelming cleaning. With a flick of a switch, you can flip between an enduring circulated air through stream for ordinary cleaning and an all the more dominant flush for heavy duty applications. An advantageous pause function gives you a chance to prevent water spill out of the shower head.


With its Spot Resist Stainless finish, the fixture opposes fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner looking kitchen, enabling you to invest more energy making the most of your home and less time cleaning it.


On account of Reflex, this fixture makes performing regular errands substantially more advantageous. The ultra-adaptable hose gives you liberal reach all through the sink. In addition to the fact that it extends easily, it easily restores the splash wand to its unique docked position. The rotating appendage association between the splash wand and the hose gives an unparalleled measure of development, enabling the wand to wind up an expansion of your hand.

This spigot highlights Duralock Quick Connect, an exclusive speedy association framework that permits water lines to be introduced with a snap. Duralock disposes of the need to utilize devices to connect the waterline to the fixture, and it gives a perceptible, visual, and material affirmation of legitimate establishment.

Worked for enduring execution, the spigot includes a 1255 Duralast cartridge that perseveres through thorough use.


Also, as most Moen items, it accompanies Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty against breaks, trickles, and completion absconds.


Moen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plumbing supplies, faucets, showerheads, garbage disposals,etc. From finishes that are ensured to endure forever, to fixtures that superbly balance your water weight, Moen sets the standard for uncommon excellence and solid, imaginative structure.

2. Delta Faucet Trinsic Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer and Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Champagne Bronze 9159-CZ-DST

What attracted me towards this particular tap is its simplistic yet highly elegant design. It looks so graceful, stylish and sexy all at the same time.


The sprayer works pretty well and solve the purpose. The spray want can change the water flow from spray to stream efficiently. The other very exciting thing about it is the Magnetic Docking. It uses a strong magnet which keeps the sprayer in place and keep it docked, so it doesn’t droop like other taps in the market. The company claims that it uses a Diamond Seal Technology, which keeps them appearing brand new for life. It also claims that the faucet will last 2 times more than the Industry standards.

Don’t you think its just fabulous.


They have also worked on their design which reduces leak points. This is done with one-piece supply lines and Diamond Seal Valve. It has a diamond-embedded ceramic disc which requires no lubrication and eliminates wear on seals. You can just swipe clean it. There is no need to soaking or chemical cleaners. Guess what, they say that the design is patented. So in case you are thinking of copying it, you have to shed out some big bucks. 😀


The Installation is also pretty hassle free. You can fit it in both a 1 or 3 hole sinks. An deck plate can also be purchased separately for installation.


An unbelievable fact is that this Faucet comes with Delta Faucet’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

And best of all, it looks fabulous on the sink.

3. Moen Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist Stainless (7594ESRS)

When you hear the world Moen, all you can think about is perfection. There designs, their quality, everything is just so perfect.


The looks instantly grabs anyone’s attention, the flair of the handle, the curve of the spout creates a transition look that works with all decorating styles. A single hole mount makes it look cleanest against the custom counter-tops.


Imagine the convenience of having a kitchen faucet that can sense what you want to accomplish and react to what you need, the moment you need it. MotionSense does.

This kitchen faucet also features innovations like Moen’s Reflex and PowerClean that make carrying out everyday tasks in your kitchen much easier. It delivers amazing hands–free convenience allowing just a simple hand movement to trigger the flow of water through two advanced sensors at the top and base of the faucet. Hands-free means your faucet needs less cleaning and helps you control the spread of germs.


It comes with Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

4. KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice High-Arch Single-Hole or Three-Hole, Single Handle, Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Brushed Stainless with 3-function Spray Head, Sweep Spray and Docking Spray Head Technology

This comes with the facility of pull down sprayer. You can just pull the sprayer down with just one hand. It reached even beyond the sink for all kitchen cleaning purposes.


The spray heads works in three ways: As a stream, as a boost and even as a sweep spray. The boost allows you to increase the flow of water by 30 %. Its Sweep Spray has angled nozzles which forms a strong blade for thorough cleaning of dishes and sink.

IT comes with pre-installed hose and spray head. The supply lines are quite flexible enabling  water to hook-up easily. It can be installed with both 1 or 3 holes and comes with a escutcheon or deck plate.


The spray after using doesn’t hang out or leak. It has a popular and successful DockNetic magnetic docking system which securely locks the sprayhead into place.

Its disc valves are of Ceramic, which lasts more than what the industry wants. It can last in good condition till the whole life of your kitchen.


The finish is corrosion free and tarnish proof.


Apart from the trust that comes with the brand ‘Kohler’. Your confidence further boosts while buying it when you come to know that it comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

5. Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Touch2O and ShieldSpray Technology, Magnetic Docking Spray Head, SpotShield Stainless 9178T-SP-DST

This is the second best entry from Delta. This classy looking masterpiece not just adds elegance to your kitchen but also increase the efficiency of work and reduce wastage of water. The Leland Pull Kitchen Faucet with a two-hole valve is a mixture of both Traditional Look and new age functionality. Similar to the previous Delta Faucet, this to is “Leak Free” using the Diamond Seal Technology and exclusive MagnaTite docking which keeps the wand in place.


The Faucet is extremely easy to Install with Duramount mounting system. It has a diamond-embedded ceramic disc and thus does need any lubrication and eliminated wear on seals. It offer many Additional Features such as:

  • An A/c Adapter which is optional
  • Operates both manually (with handle) and also with Touch2O functionality
  • Its handle adjusts rate of flow of water and the temperature above the deck
  • LED indicated when its battery needs to be replaced.
  • It offer 20 inch Hose reach

The Faucet comes with Soft Rubber spray holes does does allow mineral that comes with water to gather, rather they simply get wiped away each time and the look of the tap remains like brand new always.

It had a TempSense LED light which changed color to alert the user of the water’s temperature and helps you avoid freezing cold water or burning hot water, which can literally burn your hand.


The Spray can be taken out of the faucet for comfortable flow and direction of water. There is a powerful magnet attached which snaps the want precisely into place and holds it there firmly. The wand stays perfectly docked and does leak droop over time.


The best part is that the Faucet comes with Delta Faucet’s 5 years Limited warranty.

6. Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Touch2O Technology and Magnetic Docking Spray Head, Arctic Stainless 9113T-AR-DST

You might be thinking that we are biased towards Delta, but what can we do when they make such beautiful and functionally excellent faucets for our sinks and add elegance in our kitchen. The result is that 3 out of our top 5 entries are from Delta.F

A bit lower in the cost than other Elite Faucets, this one had almost all feature which the above taps offer. It had Soft-contemporary design mixed with new age technology such as Touch2O Technology, MagnaTite Docking and Diamond Seal Technology, for enhanced reliability and performance.


Its available in four Finishes: Chrome, Arctic Stainless, Matte Black, and Venetian Bronze.


The Faucet is extremely easy to Install with Duramount mounting system. It eliminates leaks with one piece supply lines. It has a diamond-embedded ceramic disc and thus does need any lubrication and eliminated wear on seals.


It offer many Additional Features such as:

  • An A/c Adapter which is optional
  • Operates both manually (with handle) and also with Touch2O functionality
  • Its handle adjusts rate of flow of water and the temperature above the deck
  • LED indicated when its battery needs to be replaced.
  • It offer 20 inch Hose reach

The Faucet comes with Soft Rubber spray holes does does allow mineral that comes with water to gather, rather they simply get wiped away each time and the look of the tap remains like brand new always.

It had a TempSense LED light which changed color to alert the user of the water’s temperature and helps you avoid freezing cold water or burning hot water, which can literally burn your hand.

The Spray can be taken out of the faucet for comfortable flow and direction of water. There is a powerful magnet attached which snaps the want precisely into place and holds it there firmly. The wand stays perfectly docked and does leak droop over time.


It also comes with Delta Faucet’s 5 years Limited warranty.

7. Kraus KPF-1602SS Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Commercial Style Pre-rinse, Stainless Steel

If you are like me and want your Kitchen to have a Next Generation Tap over your sink straight out of a Sci-fi movie, then Kraus KPF-1602 should be definitely on your list.


The faucet features a unique industrial aesthetic that creates a dramatic look with contemporary appeal. This faucet is made with certified lead-free brass and top-quality components, including a high performance and low flow Neoperl aerator and a precision Keroz ceramic cartridge for reliable drip-free use. With a choice of flawless commercial grade strainless steel or chrome finish, this tap matches many popular fixtures and appliances, making it easy to create a beautifully coordinated look.

This faucet has an ultramodern high-arch open-coil spout which creates an industrial aesthetic. Still it maintains a professional look with maximum visual impact through its Sturdy construction and a streamlined silhouette.


This faucet features a comfort-height spout and pull-down sprayer for flexible functionality, with a slim single-lever handle for effortless temperature and flow control. The spray head includes an integrated diverter that makes it easy to instantly switch from spout to powerful pre-rinse spray.

Top Quality Components

Its Technology highlights include a best-in-industry Kerox ceramic cartridge (tested with over 500,000 cycles) for lasting, drip-free use.

Pre-Rinse Spray

It contains a ergonomic pull-down sprayer with rubber nozzles that prevent hard water and limescale from building up, keeping it clean, always. Pressing the sprayer’s lever handle diverts the flow of water from the main spout while maintaining a 1.8 gpm flow rate.

Open-Coil Swivel Spout

The high-arch industrial-style open-coil spout swivels 360° for added flexibility, providing the ability to reach every part of the sink.


Single-hole mounting allows you to seamlessly integrate this faucet with your sink. To make installation even easier in your Kitchen, all mounting hardware is included with the faucet.


It comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

8. Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless Steel, Single-Hole or Three-Hole Install, Single Handle, 3-function Spray Head, Sweep Spray and Docking Spray Head Technology

Like many above, this kitchen faucet enables us to control water with one hand and reaches beyond the sink to clean other kitchen parts.


It has a 3-Function Spray Head which contains Stream, Boost, and Sweep Spray technologies. With Boost you can increase flow rate by 30%. With Sweep Spray you can give an angle to your nozzles to clean your dishes and sink.

Its DockNetic Magnetic docking framework safely bolts the sprayhead into place.


Its finish is corrosion and tarnish resistant. Ceramic circle valves surpass industry norms of life span, it can last for a life time in your kitchen. And we are not kidding.


They give Lifetime Limited Warranty to support their claim.

9. Kraus Britt Spot Free Stainless Pre-Rinse/Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Sprayhead in all-Brite Finish, KPF-1690SFS


This Kraus Faucet comes with a 21 inch tall classy design. Its design features a heavy-duty open coil spring spout and secure docking arm for an strong look with new age appeal. It has a Single handle which is designed for a perfect splash-free ‘temperature and flow control.’ It operates with a 90 degree forward rotation which allows it to install it in tighter spaces without any need of back-splash clearance.


It comes with a Durable metal body with lead-free waterway. Its ceramic cartridge prevents leak throughout its life.

It has Two Spray modes which allows you to conveniently switch from Aerated stream to a Powerful spray, so that you can do all your tasks very easily from rinsing vegetables to heavy scrubbing.

How was that ?? Good huh !!


It has Spot Resist all-Brite Stainless Steel Finish which prevents water from forming spots and fingerprints. Thus, it requires almost no cleaning, and you don’t need to wipe faucet after each use.


This faucet comes with everything: waterlines, an optional deck-plate, and all mounting hardware, which makes this faucet completely ready for Installation.


It comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

10. Kraus KPF-1673SFS Nolen Kitchen Faucet, Spot Free Stainless Steel

A bit lower in the price range and yet filled with features.


This faucet comes with a spot free stainless steel finish which resists water spots and fingerprints  making the faucet looks clean and shining like a brand new always. It is also available in Chrome and Matte Black color.


It has a Dual Function Sprayhead accompanied with aerated stream  that is used to fill large vessels and also a powerful spray for strong cleaning. It has Easy Clean Nozzles, so whenever there is mineral build-up along the tap, it can be cleaned easily and gives a strong long-lasting flow.

The lavishly long 18-inch hose with a swivel adapter enables you to flex, pivot and take it to every difficult to reach spot of the in the sink.

The spray when not in use can stay in place with its Magnetic Docking give it stability and it does not leak.


It can be installed pretty easily with its optional deck and mounting hardware with its 1,2 or 3-hole sink.

The Height is optimized, enabling it to fit under any kitchen cabinet. Its handle is Smart Single and has 90 degree forward rotation. This helps you install it in tighter spaces without any backsplash clearance.


The most amazing part is that even with such a competitive price, it comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, and shine in your kitchen throughout its life.

Best Kitchen Faucets under $100

I just love cooking. I spend most of my time in kitchen and I have been doing this for around 20 years now. As cooking is the most important part of my life, hence I am really particular about all the kitchen appliances. I love my kitchen to be updated with the all the latest appliances and hence whenever I decide to buy something new, I always rely on reviews and ratings of the people who have already used it. I have read reviews from many online platforms and then have come up with top 10 kitchen faucets that would be totally worthy for your money.

After thorough research, going through multiple reviews and using them myself, I have listed down top 10 best kitchen faucets which are the best under the price range.

1) Kitchen Faucet Pull Down Sprayer – WEWE A1008L 

This one is a great choice when you wish to buy a cost effective product with stylish design, high reliability and great functionality. Some of its coolest features would include

  • Water temperature control
  • The coiled spout being 360 rotatable
  • The faucet is designed in such a way that it supports easy and smooth movement.
  • You would easily be able to clean the nozzle and the advanced spray filter would prevent blockage due to impurities.

The metallic design of the product would give a perfect complement to the interiors of your kitchen and the easy installation technique would make you free from all hassles which is generally occurs during 1st time installation. The 5 years warranty would also instill a sense of reliability for the product and if anything gets wrong, you would get full assistance from the company.


  • The brushed nickel looks really good and it is a stylish addition to your kitchen.
  • The quality of the product is really good in its price range.


  • The water line hose provided is a bit short so you might have to buy extra extenders.

2) Moen 6610 Brantford Two-Handle Low-Arc Centerset

Talking about the features, this product is loaded with many of them. Some are as follows:

  • There are two handles in the facet which helps in easy control of the temperature
  • The facet is equipped with aerated flow which is perfect for daily activities.
  • The facet fully complies with Americans with Disabilities Act.

Talking about the design, it has a beautiful chrome finish and the highly reflective mirror style easily gets adjusted with all types of kitchen décor and the best thing about this product is that the company offers a lifetime warranty (limited) on this.


  • The aerated stream of water works great for everyday cleaning.
  • This faucet meets with WaterSense criteria without compromising on the performances.


  • The neck reach of this faucet is really high so if you have a smaller sink, then it might be a problem for you.

3) AguaStella AS98MB

This is a very user friendly kitchen faucet and has many features which would make your kitchen journey really smooth. Some of the high end features for this product would include:

  • The sprayer function for this product provides all round support for all of your cleaning activities. It can even be pulled down and also have a 360 degrees access to your sink.
  • It is equipped with aerated stream which reduces water splash eliminating side spray.
  • The faucet is stain resistant as well as corrosion resistant which makes it easy to clean.
  • This kitchen faucet is really easy to install as it already has pre-installed motion and connecting hoses.

The faucet is equipped with high arc design and the matt black finish of this product makes it look really unique.


  • Looks very classy and unique with matt black color. It would look just perfect with a black granite sink.
  • The spray is perfect for doing all the cleaning activities without spilling the water.
  • No leaks.


  • The water line hose pipe provided might not always meet up to your requirements if the distance is larger.

4) Aimadi Contemporary Single Handle Faucet

This kitchen faucet is loaded with some great features some of which has been listed below

  • The 360 degree rotational range of this product would help you with all round cleaning services.
  • Easy to pull down would is also a great feature.
  • Two nozzles provide two types of water streams to address your different needs.
  • The valve is made up of ceramic cartridge which can survive innumerous open and close tests.

The product is made up of solid brass, which not only adds to its style but also makes it very durable. The installation process is also quite easy and this is indeed one of the best faucets when it comes to usability.


  • The overall design and look of the product would definitely melt your heart
  • The two types of nozzle is a great feature for multiple uses.
  • The water spray of the faucet is ideal for all round cleaning activities.


  • The length of the faucet might not be ideal for some people.

5) GAPPO Commercial Lead Free Pull Out Kitchen Sink Faucet

Going by the looks, this is one of the best kitchen faucets. The unique industrial design of the product would add beautifully to the overall looks of your kitchen. Coming to the features, let us explore what this beautiful faucet has to offer you:

  • This is really easy to use and the pull down feature would help you a lot for all round cleaning.
  • It offers water at both hot and cold temperature and as this faucet comes with filter, you would also be able to get RO water.
  • The soft and the velvety touch would keep you warm during winter.


  • Made up of high quality material.
  • It is really easy to use and maintain the product.
  • You would not need any extra tool for installation.


  • The cold and hot water hoses need to be screwed to the faucet.

6) KINGO HOME Lead Free Modern Stainless Steel

With multiple features under budget, this product has made its place in my list of the best kitchen faucets; let us see what it has to offer:

  • Comes with a pull down shower head
  • Has quick connector hose along with deck plate.
  • Equipped with ceramic disk valves.
  • Loaded with 2 types of setting sprays.

It comes in two designs namely brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze, both of which looks really good. The product comes with a 90 days money back guarantee and has a lifetime of free replacement warranty.


  • The height and size is ideal for any standard sink.
  • The finished design of the product looks really high end.


  • The spray pressure might continue to remain high even after releasing the button.

7) AguaStella AS04MB Matte Black Pull Down

I love matt black faucets and this is yet another product which satisfies my requirements. The clean line and the high arc design is something you would surely like and the overall classy design would add much more to the décor of your kitchen. Features include:

  • The valve can sustain multiple open and close actions.
  • It comes with an all-round rotating feature.
  • Comes with twist protection and is very flexible.

The installation method is really easy for this product and you would also be able to easily clean it as well. The usage of this product is quite user friendly and when it comes to style this is one of the best.


  • Stylish and is made of great quality.
  • You can use to for kitchen as well as for other purposes like laundry.


  • Might be a problem to install if you have a standard USA granite top. The product is ideal for European sizes.

8) WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel 

This is one kitchen faucet which looks great with almost all types of sinks. However, when it comes to features, let me tell how it has fascinated me:

  • Equipped with 3 way spray setting.
  • The single handle design helps in controlling the temperature of water.
  • The mechanism is designed in such a way that the sprayer goes back to its original position after each use.

Another thing that I really like was its ease of maintenance. You can even choose between 1 and 3 holes installation according to your requirements.


  • Easy to install.
  • The cleaning process is hassle free.
  • Great quality and design at a great price.


  • The factory connections of the product came a bit loose.

9) VAPSINT Pre Rinse Pull Down

You would get multiple features under budget when you buy this product. The solid brass construction makes it really durable and the sleek design is a perfect addition to the interiors of your kitchen. Let’s now talk about the features:

  • It has a moderate size suitable for single and double bowl with 360 degrees of swirl.
  • The ceramic disk is drip free which makes it durable.
  • Change the force of water easily with a button.


  • It comes with hot and cold water hoses along with all the required accessories.
  • The easy button access allows switching between the water pressure.


  • Due to its long head, the water does not stop instantly after shutting it.

10) APPASO Commercial Pull Down

Some of the coolest features of this product would include:

  • The ceramic cartridge makes this faucet free of drips.
  • The 360 degrees of swirl makes your cleaning work much easier.
  • The change in stream can be done very easily.

The steel look of the faucet adjusts with all types of interiors and the sleek design looks really good.


  • The process of installation of this product is very easy.


  • They could have improved the water pressure.

I have put down all the kitchen faucets that I think are the best under $100. You can buy any one of them depending on your needs but the features provided by them are great at such a reasonable price. You would definitely love using them.