Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Best Kitchen faucet brands


People fail to realize the importance of faucets. They are so concerned of about the refrigerators and other appliances in the kitchen that they forget that a good looking faucet can change the overall look of the entire kitchen space. Interior designers all over the world agree that a faucet can bring life to the kitchen design.

One of the famous interior designer of New York known as Paris Forio said that the faucet is mainly present at the front and center of the kitchen so if there is product which is not appealing to the eye, it can make you disappointed almost everyday. Hence, an appealing faucet which is elegant and slim should always be there.

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Here are some of the most popular Kitchen Faucet brands available in 2019.


The faucets manufactured by Moen are some of the most beautiful faucets that the world has witnessed. The designs of each faucet are majestic and working of them is easy and efficient. There are faucets available for kitchen, bar, and laundry. One of the major highlights of this company is the use of motion sense technology. Meaning now you don’t have to take the trouble of operating the faucet with your own hand. You just need to bring your hand near the faucet and the faucet will sense hands presence with the help of this technology. Doing this you regulate the flow of water according to your convenience

Delta faucet

This faucet company aims to create commercial and residential faucet with a sole mission to improve your experience with water. The operation head in recent times have said to local press that their company takes water flow very seriously. Infect they were first in the business to introduce hands be technology. Their design team is always striving for new innovation. Two of its faucet collection that is very famous is detamateo collection and sotria bath collection. Delta collection features faucet that can provide dynamic and transitional touch to any space it has been installed. The faucets of delta range are inspired by blown glass bottles whereas the sotria bath collections the faucet are inspired by tails fins of automobile and airplanes.


This company claims that it has made positive impact on people’s lives. The people at Kraus are continuously working for the betterment of kitchen and bathroom experience. For instance their cutting edge technologies coupled with modern and high quality faucet have made happy customers all over the world. The company was founded in 2007 and it is headquartered in New York. The customer feedback for this company is always the best and the finest. Meaning the culture of this company shares mutual affection for kitchen and bathroom appliances, and they tend to understand the customer what is the exact requirement of their need and make faucets according to their convince.


This faucet company makes kitchen and bathroom appliances which are bold in design. Some of the faucets of this company is just an treat to the eye.  The artistic collection of faucet by Kohler is just an masterpiece. The entire faucet range has a traditional look with a modern feel. This faucet showcases the smoothing sound of your water and also comes with speedy installation and flexible supplies. Some of its best available features are

  • Rounded corners and straight design
  • Has soft curves for easy cleaning
  • Has a single faucet hole

American standard

 This faucet company believes that making faucets is an work of an art. According to them spending time in the kitchen is a very integral part of people lives.  The products manufactured from the company are quality products with modern finish. With the faucet manufactured by this company you can manage your task with efficiency and allows using water without having to touch it. The faucets are manufactured according to your convenience and innovation according to your needs.The company features mainly bar faucets, kitchen faucets and pull out faucets.


Pfister Company features two types of categories, one is known as Specialty Faucets and the other is known as Kitchen Faucets.  Coming to innovation, this company upgrades with xtract technology, which means that all you need to do is to make your hand feature under the faucet. Once done, the water will flow automatically and it will stop if it has inactivity for 2 minutes. Furthermore there is lead indicator which will show you that it has run out of charge.  One of the best features of faucet with xtract technology is that you can upgrade or downgrade the temperature according to your convenience. Please note that pulling the handle up and pulling the handle down can make the water hot and cold. Once the handle is pulled up the handle the water will be hot. Once pulled down it will go down. The faucet is so designed that it will not leave any water splashes in your sink. It will give always give you a need and tidy look.

Wewe faucet

This faucet makes faucets which is just magnetic. For example it is most popular faucet is the high arc brushed nickel faucet. This faucet is loved because of number of reasons which can be stated as follows

  • It has a sleek design which can make commercial and residential kitchen
  • The outlet of the faucet is multi-functional i.e. you can manage your faucets according to your convenience
  • The faucet is easy to install and has a 3 spray setting.  One setting can be used spraying, other one for pause and other for steam.
  • Very easy to maintain since it is corrosion free.

Finally, all I want to summarize is that

Some more Awesome Kitchen Faucet Brands

Comparing some Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

All these companies provide faucets which are trendy, modern and have high quality. All these faucets make your kitchen and bathroom look incredible. Furthermore, they come with smart technologies, you don’t have to worry about water wastage and splashes.  Simply wiping with a cloth is enough. Now if you are confused which brands to choose from, then after this article you can make your choice easily. All these companies are recommended but it’s completely up to you which one you would like to go for.