Moen Vs Delta


Faucets are the most important fixture you could have in your kitchen. If you want to have a proper and perfect faucet in your kitchen then you need to depend and rely upon a company upon which you can trust blindly without any worry. You can replace your broken crockery or worn-out spoon or knife but you can’t replace any of the faucet set up in your kitchen because faucet set up is not a baby thing that you just go for it but it is a very extensive task that needs a proper installation of any particular faucets. Searching among millions of brands that manufacture faucets I have come through two best brands that have proved themselves to be leaders in the field of faucet’s manufacturing. Both brands are named as Moen and Delta which has some similarities and dissimilarities as well. So in this review, I am going to compare the aspects between these two well know brands so that we can get a picture that which of them both is the best company that you should choose.

Which one looks sexier ?

If you want something appealing then the ultimate thing is to go for the look. There is some amount of dissimilarities between Moen and Delta related to the designs and looks they are putting forward in the faucets. It totally depends upon you that which type of faucet look will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Firstly let’s take about the design which Moen has, Moen comes up with some amount of modernized designing which can also be called as commercialized designed. But it would be totally wrong that if I say that Moen comes up with such modernized designs also, it has a great range of traditional model such as Brantford also and it does have modernized Arbor model.

Now let’s talk about something related to Delta, so Delta has a slight inclination towards traditional models but it does have each and every range among which you can choose your favorite and desirable faucet look. It has modern designs such as Trinsic and other models of transitional designs as well. The most widely used designs are pull out and pull down models are also available in both brands. So in terms of look, you can’t really distinguish much between both the brands because both brands put forward every possible model that is being available and are in need in the market. 

Spray Technology:

Spray technology is the new extensively used technology which has related solved the issue of the very heavy flow of water through the water line and related to stuck garbage which gets accumulated as the time passes. Due to the spray technology, the garbage which has been accumulated comes out automatically without any hustle. Since both, the company provides this spray technology but both brands use their different kinds of technology.

First, if we talk about Moen uses Power Clean Technology. This has been observed related to this technology that it is 50% more powerful than any other contemporary pull-out faucets. Although this power of the faucets doesn’t make it more splashing it is concentrated in a particular surface area which is a very good sign because, if splashing comes with power then it is not worth of the price and spending. Second, if we talk about Delta, then Delta has a totally different kind of technology which is named as ShieldSpray technology. It is made powerful obviously but not as compared to that of Moen but it is also powerful for sure. It has a great speed of the splash which is capable of cleaning all the dirt and garbage in the kitchen sink. To prevent the splattering of water because of heavy pressure a protective layer is being provided.

Finishing options:

The finishing of the faucet is very important because it can ruin all the look of the faucet. Traditionally there are two types of finishing option, the first one if oil-rubbed bronze and chrome. Both finishes are diverse in their function, where chrome finish can be used year after year and it remains the same lustrous as the day passes and it is really low maintenance also. And on the other hand, oil rubbed bronze gives a traditional look which literally beautifies the look.

These are authentic finishes but the world has changed a lot in recent decade thus many new finish look has been added such as matte black, stainless steel look and more attractive finishes. These finishes have been used in both brands. So, you can’t really distinguish between these two brands in the term of finish looks.

Technologies of touch and touchless:

In this recent era, both touch and touchless technologies have been inculcated in both brands. But in this case, also, there are two different technologies which have been used in Moen and Delta. Let’s just talk about Delta first, Delta has been offering both touch and touchless type. The technology which has been used in Delta is Touch20 Technology which allows a built-in motion sensor technology. The technology helps you handling the faucet and the head with just one touch.

Moen uses MotionSense Technology that works upon the integration of sensor inside the faucet only. Many models in Moen comes with one senor but there are many models which have dual sensor among which one is situated in the top of the faucet and the other sensor is located in the spout’s base. So it became more effective when it comes with the dual sensor.

Customer services and support:

Since both these brands have a great reputation related to faucet industry so it has to be very active and compassionate related to their reputation. It may happen that some defects arise and for that customer support is very important and for that, both the company have a well established and active customer service. Both the brands have 24*7 services in which thousands of employee are being employed to help you reach to the company directly. If you call or email them for any queries of yours then you should be assured that any of the workers will be available to attain your important call, and they will be

Warranty period:

Both the company have limited lifetime warranty which means if any wear or tear happens in any of their faucet product then they will repair or replace the products till 5 years and the same applies to electrical faucet also and the same time period has been allotted to these types of faucets as well. Warranty is a very important thing in any company because it creates trust in the minds of customers related to the products.

Price Comparison:

Everybody has a very specific budget related to everything in their lives, the same goes with faucets also. There are price ranges starting from $50 to $1000 also. The choice of faucet totally depends on you according to your budget only. However if we compare between the two company, Delta generally comes close to a slight cheaper side as compared to that of Moen. There is a wrong notion related to every product which is slight cheap that it would be that good related to the higher prices. The faucets which are comparatively low in price aren’t that bad at all rather than it can be easily installed as actively as the higher-priced one. Yeah, there is a fact that the price is always dependent on the feature the faucets have been providing, so the products which are slightly lesser in price may lack some of the quality which a high priced faucets may have but the quality quotient same in both the cases and in both the brands.

The overall review:

I have tried covering up every point which can help you compare between both brands. But the ultimate and the most important review and decision should be yours, for sure. There are many similarities between both the brands but there are some dissimilarities as well. And if you like or dislike some of the aspects of any of the company then accordingly decide and then choose the company. Then are many aspects by which you can choose the perfect faucet for your perfect home and kitchen. In terms of durability and long-lasting quotient, both the brands stood up very well and they have been proving themselves from past decades. If you prefer choosing affordable faucets then you can definitely choose the faucet which is from Delta and it really doesn’t mean that any compromise has been done in the term of quality. It is as strong and functional as Moen. Now the ball is totally in your court. Firstly choose the company which has attracted you and then choose the faucet which you want to install and then go through millions of reviews from different online sites. The one which will convince you the best is the one which you should get installed in your kitchen.