Moen vs Delta vs Kohler

moen vs kohler vs delta

There are a number of different brands of faucets available in the market, which makes it quite difficult for you to choose the right one.

However, even in this abundance there are some reputed brands, who have made their position by delivering great quality products. Among these brands three most popular names are Moen, Delta and Kohler.

Now in order to be sure which one among these three is the best for you, you must compare them, and see. First, let us check out some of the best Kitchen Faucets from each Moen, Kohler and Delta.

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Starting with the history of these brands.

  • Delta:

    The Delta brand is the youngest one among these three. It was founded in the year 1954 by Alex Manoogian, who in the same year created the single-handle washerless ball valve faucet. The company was quite fast in capturing the mass market. They have, over the years, extended their washerless designs beyond kitchen faucets to bathroom and shower faucets as well. The spray head design that is so popular these days was first introduced to the market by Delta Faucets.
  • Moen:

    The Moen brand is a bit older than Delta. It was founded in the year 1937 by Al Moen when he came up with the idea of the single handle faucet design. Though it took ten long years to start manufacturing the design, the company became popular in the market soon enough and starting manufacturing several newly designed innovative faucets. They also expanded into a wide variety of plumbing fixtures.
  • Kohler:

    The Kohler brand is the oldest among these three. It was founded by John Michael Kohler in the year 1873. Initially they used to make bathtubs. Over the years they have gradually expanded into sink and faucet manufacturing and plumbing fixtures. They are well known for enhancing the quality of life of their customers with their top notch designs, skill and innovation.


Next, we can have a look at the different technologies that are used by these three brands.

  • Delta:

    Until now, the Delta brand has incorporated Touchless technology in their bathroom faucets only. In case of the kitchen faucets, they incorporate the Touch20 technology. Faucets that use this technology, can be activated just by a tap anywhere on the faucet.This technology also helps to keep the faucet cleaner. Moreover, if you want to activate these faucets when your hands are either dirty or busy, you can use your wrist or forearm to activate the faucet.
  • Moen:

    The Moen brand uses the Motionsense technology in their faucets. Faucets that use this technology incorporates either one or two sensors, one on the top of the top of the sprout and the other in the base of the faucet. This technology allows turning on the water by placing a hand or any other object in front of the sensor. Turning off is also as easy as turning on, it just needs a wave, either by your hand or by any other object.
  • Kohler:

    A different technology known as the Response technology is developed by the Kohler brand. This technology uses a built-in sensor into the sprout’s underside. The faucets using this technology can be turned on and off by just waving your hand or even something else.  This technology has an advantage over the technologies used by Delta and Moen and that is the auto turn off feature (after 4 minutes of inactivity), which ensure water is not wasted

Spray Patterns

The three brands we are discussing about also constantly work on improving their faucets and their water performance. Let us now look into the different spray patterns used by these brands.

  • Delta:

    Other than the regular stream, Delta offers an extra spray pattern which makes cleaning chores more effective. On some of their faucets, they allow you to toggle between regular stream and different spray patterns. You can also switch to the Spotshield spray pattern. The Spotshield spray pattern provides a jet of water, which is concentrated within a protective sphere and is very effective for cleaning purposes and leaves no mess.
  • Moen:

    The Moen brand faucets, beside the regular stream, offer different spray patterns such as Power Clean, Boosted Spray and Boosted Stream. The Power Clean spray pattern provides a powerful jet of water, which is concentrated and has 50% more spray power than that of the other regular faucets. These spray patterns are very effective for cleaning purposes and leaves minimum mess. The Boosted Stream whereas delivers an enhanced and boosted spray of water which helps in quickly filling up containers as well as helps in making the cleaning chores easier and efficient. Check out best Moen Kitchen Faucets
  • Kohler:

    The Kohler brand faucets also offer a selection of spray patterns, such as Boost, Berrysoft, Sweep or Ring spray. Among these patterns, the Boost spray pattern increases the rate of flow of water by 30, thus helping in quickly filling up containers. The Sweep spray pattern has angled nozzles for a more forceful blade of water, which helps in making the cleaning chores easier and efficient. The Berrysoft spray delivers lighter sprays and is ideal for gentle washing purposes.

Pull Down Designs

You should also pay attention to the pull down designs of the faucets.

  • Delta:

    The pull down design of the Delta faucets feature their own MagnaTite technology. This design features a powerful magnet, which is built in the end of the spout. This magnet helps in keeping the wand in its place when the spray head is not in use and when it needs to be used, all you need to do is give it a gentle tug.
  • Moen:

    The pull down design designed by the Moen brand is known as the Reflex system. This design features an easily controllable spray head and a flexible hose, which together give you an ample range of motion and easy one hand operation. This also offers smooth withdrawal of the spray head and automatics return to its initial position.
  • Kohler:

    The Kohler faucets mostly use the DockNetik system, which happens to be a magnetic docking system. The pull down designs of Kohler also come with come with powerful magnets placed within the body of the faucet. This pull down design helps to keep the wand in its place and prevents it from dropping over time.

Other than the technologies, spray patterns and pull down designs you should also compare the variety of faucets they offer, their finishes and the warranties. Moen offers Spot Resistant faucets. These faucets are coated with a finish that provides resistance to water spots and fingerprints. Delta also uses a similar finish technology, which is known as the Spot Shield. These finish technologies not only help in minimizing the stains but also offers antimicrobial protection. When it comes to the warranty, all these three brands offer limited lifetime warranties. The customer supports of all these brands are quite quick and helps you with any issues that you have with their faucet.

Moen or Delta or Kohler – Which is Best ?

All of these three brands have a wide range of faucets which are best in their own ways, be it the designs, the spray patterns, the finishes, or the technologies. It is hard to say which one is the best. However, when it comes to choosing the right faucet for your interior, it entirely depends on your requirements. Now that you know all the three brands and their product types in details, hope you will be able to find the right faucet for your home.

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