Best Premier Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Best Premier Kitchen Faucets Reviews

No one wants to buy a product without giving it a proper thought. Due to the huge investment that we have to make, we have a tendency of comparing various products and reading several reviews. When we come to faucets, it becomes difficult to choose one due to the innumerable types of faucets available in the market. Getting the right faucet is as important as getting any other appliance for a house. Faucets are something which you need to use daily on a frequent basis. Thus even the smallest details of a faucet play a vital role in its selection.

You might wonder what authority I have to give you reviews about kitchen faucet. To answer your question I would simply say that I am just like you –a homemaker who has used several different products. I am trying to give honest review in order to help you get some authentic and reliable idea about different brands and their products. As a homemaker, I can say that I have used numerous faucets over time and all these products have been used by me over a long period ranging from around 1 to 5 years. This duration of usage has allowed me to monitor the performance. However I would also say that my single view could be opinionated. In order to avoid this I have done everything within my capacity to incorporate other reviews and third party blogs while making my point.

The faucets found in the market these days are several light years ahead of what was found in our grandmother’s kitchen. The kitchen faucet these days offer new features and several enhanced functionality. With advent of technology, different trendy touch less faucets, spot resistant faucets which are useful in busy household or one, two, three and four hole faucets. When visit a shop to buy a new faucet you can also find an incredible array of stylish pull-down and pull-out kitchen faucets.

Premier is a leading company in the world. Their reputation is due to the best quality faucets created by them. They manufacture the best faucets for a very affordable price. I have seen many a times that people related with the plumbing business often recommended premier faucets especially due to their durability. After seeing how everyone recognizes Premier faucets as the best in the market. I decided to buy one for my own house. From then onwards I simply full in love with it and could never quit using their products. Each of the premier kitchen faucets are tested in-house to ensure that the standard of the brand is maintained. They even offer a limited lifetime warranty which makes it clear that they are absolutely confident about their products durability.

When you look at the range of products available, you will be surprised. No matter what you are looking for, it can be found at Premier. Ranging from the cool and sleek polished chrome to rustic vintage charm of faucets, you can find everything here.


Premier 120161LF Sonoma Single-Handle with Pull-Out Spout

This faucet is one of the products which I love the most. Its single metal lever handle saves a lot of space making it perfect for people with small kitchen and sink area. You can have a usage system due to the pull-out spout sprayer which even has a contemporary and stylish design. The 48 inch retractable those allows you the freedom to wash and clean wherever you want to reach. I also found the ceramic disk technology extremely useful as it ensures a consistent and leak-free performance. The construction is solid and lead-free brass which offers re bust durability and good strength. Sonoma pull-out kitchen faucet is convenient to use as it can be installed in both one-hole as well as three-hole sinks. For installation in a three-hole sink, this faucet comes with an optional brushed nickel deck plate. The Sonoma pull-out kitchen faucet comes with a solid metal lever handle which comes handy to regulate the volume and temperature. Everyone including the kids can find it simple and easy to switch between a steady stream and powerful spray water by the simple touch of a button. While conducting my research before buying this product I found that it complies with the requirements of the Uniform Plumbing Code, thus guaranteeing its quality.

Premier Faucet 120342LF Charlestown Lead Free Widespread Two Handle Kitchen faucet

There are several designs available in the market when it comes to faucet. Personally I am more inclined to the contemporary designs rather than the modern ones. Charlestown Two Handle Kitchen faucet evokes a romantic styling of European fountains by featuring a beautifully curved spout. It brings form and function together. This Victorian-era design is simply out of the box which speaks of exquisite craftsman ship. You can give your kitchen a unique look by the exposed above-the-deck waterway. It provides a regal allure. Not only the exquisite look, Charlestown Two Handle Kitchen Faucet has two metal lever handles made up of the best quality lead-free brass which provides durability. One of the most important features is the water-resistant ceramic disc technology and a half inch IPS connection. The faucet has an exceptionally durable finish with resistance to scratching, tarnishing, corrosion, and discoloration. This is primarily due to the Premier’s physical vapor deposition (PVD) process which helps in the creation of this finish. While buying a faucet, everyone worries about the installation process, but when I bought this Charlestown Two Handle Kitchen faucet, I found that the deck mounted installation method is very simple.

Premier Faucet 106875 Premier Sonoma Lead-Free Widespread Two-Handle Lavatory Faucet, Oil Rubbed Bronze (WaterSense)

While buying kitchen faucets I found that I have developed a preference for historic Victorian-era designs which meets the modern demands as well. The ceramic disc cartridge provided by Sonoma offers a consistent and leak free operation. You will also find that this faucet has a curved hi-are spout which is made up of lead-free brass. It is suitable for small kitchen since it saves a lot of space due to the single handle. I personally found the oil rubbed bronze finish quite appealing. In case you want to work with water sprayer, you can use the heavy and similar oil rubbed bronze finish antique sprayer. This sprayer comes with a 48 inch reinforced hose. Sometimes we want to finish over work quickly but the slow stream of water becomes a barrier. But this will not happen while using the Premier Sonoma single handed faucet which provides a flow rate of 2.2 gallons every minute. However this faucet fits only in single-hole sink mounts. If you want to use this for a three-hole sink you will have a buy an additional soap dispenser which can then compliment the look of your faucet. The company Premier provides a limited lifetime warranty.

Premier 120347LF Charlestown Lead-free Single-Handle Bar Faucet

When I bought this faucet, I simply loved its elegant design and finish. You can brighten up your kitchen with this stylish Premier Charlestown style faucet. The very convenient single handle allows you to have a clean appearance with minimum usage of space. The faucet allows you to have precise temperature as well as volume control, which I find to be the most convenient feature. You will receive the maximum performance while using the premier bar faucet due to its stress-free ceramic disc cartridge. The unique and stylish curved spout is high-rise and lead-free brass construction. Manufactured in China, this Premier Charlestown meets the strict lead-free requirements of California and Vermont.

Premier 110702 Charlestown Two Handle Bridge style Kitchen faucet with Matching side spray

Last but not the least, this Charleston Two Handle Bridge style kitchen faucet is the one I am currently using. This faucet has two metal lever handles which are completely made up of brass. The spout is high rise and provides a lead-free waterway. With complete Victorian-era design, the bridge faucet comes with an exposed, above-the-deck waterway giving a royal allure. You can be completely stress-free while buying this, since the quality is excellent and durable due to the lead-free brass construction.

It also features a half inch IPS connection along with a heavy and matching side sprayer. Manufactured in China, it is a certified lead-free product. When we consider the installation process, it is incredibly easy. The deck mounted installation method has been provides for easy installation. A Parisian bronze finish adds a great value for the product. Not only this, the attractive bridge style also gives a stylish look to your kitchen area. Since the faucet complies with all the requirements of the Uniform Plumbing code, you can be worry-free while using this.

You also get a limited lifetime warranty by the leading company in the market.Every time I buy a new faucet for my kitchen I look into the details of the company, the features that are provided and several other aspects in order to make sure that I do not make a mistake while selection.