Best Vigo Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Best Vigo Kitchen Faucets Reviews

We humans wants everything in perfect grandeur, investing in our house in order to turn into inclusive residence in the whole society, arranging the best shower bath tub but in the process absolutely forgetting the minuscule details into consideration. We clearly look over the fact where those minute things come into use on our daily basis let’s take an example: Faucets. I can simply give a state a few of the reasons on how Faucets are important in our life.  First, one should keep in mind while buying faucet, running water is important and it’s solely depends on the quality of the faucet. Second, it is something which is used more frequently and there are also many other reasons which we will talk about as we proceed further.

Now a day’s numerous categories of Faucet could be found in use there is no telling that the days when we use rotate a knob in order to get water started are gone. New modern categories that have commenced have become much more popular and the functions of those are much more profound than the faucets which were in use in past days. Now faucets like that get started by sensing the hand movement or pull down faucet, two handle faucet, smaller pull out faucet are much more popular this days and each of these faucets has its own set of benefit.

Going through this review you may find me an unreliable authority and question me relating the matter. So, the answer for this question is that I am simply a person who comes into daily contact with faucets and after experiencing more than enough brands for years I have estimated the general use of all the brands of faucet and have even checked my account with other review to confirm predicament.

In the matter of faucet each has its own unique merits and is much better than the others. This review here will focus on the designs, functions, warranty, quality and whether the prices given are justified. The focus of my review will be the faucets manufactured by Vigo – Vigo trademark theme is its silver and black mettle. So, here we go and discuss about the top rated models of Vigo.

VIGO Alexander Single Handle Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet with Deck Plate, Stainless Steel

This single handle pull out spray can be considered one of the top products in Vigo. Twain pair of Faucet and its matching deck plates required solid brass with stainless steel in order for construction. Plumbing is the first rule when setting up a faucet and this faucet being lighter than many is easy to install. In the terms of the look the overall height of the faucet is 9.25, the reach of the spout could be considered 8.5 and the swivel spout can rotate full 360 degree, the single head is extendable up to 36%.

Make a proclamation by adding this single handle pull out spray faucet. The construction of this faucet ensures the longer durability. This faucet includes a spray face which greatly resists mineral deposit and even if they gathered it is still easy to remove. Resisting decay and tarnishing is another important aspect of this faucet. It is a long lasting as Sedal ceramic disc could be found which is also has 5, 00,000 uses. There are some quite important features that make this faucet unique: –

  • Controls the temperature and has single lever water.
  • The water pressures that are tested for industry are found to be standard.
  • Every mounting build up and hot/ cold lines are included in it.
  • It has two dual functions; you can pull out the spray so that water can flow freely and it also has the strong flow
  • It also increases the industry durability standard. So, there is no harm if you use this faucet in industry.

You can easily apply this contemporary looking faucet in your kitchen which will give your kitchen a classic look. The Vigo faucet gives one year warranty. I think if you install this faucet it is really reliable so wouldn’t have to worry about buying another faucet for a very long time.

VIGO VG02009ST Lincroft 18 1/2 Inch Single Handle Pull down Arc Brass Kitchen Sink Faucet

If you look at this you will find this faucet quite similar to Vigo Alexander single handle relating swivel spout 360 degree rotation. It features a single spout with a powerful aerated stream. The hose extendibility is quite astonishing of 30 inch which makes cooking and washing much easier.

The proficient useable faucet extends the quality as you will find anti drop guard mechanism which helps in conserving every drop of water dripping on your sink, can be said quite ecological.  And for the once who don’t want to use a complicated faucet and a modern designer one than this faucet will come into best use as it is quite easy to maintain and easy to keep it clean

 The unique designed faucet contain high quality Sedal ceramic disc cartridge that helps protect the leakage.

VIGO VG02008STK1 Gramercy 17 Inch

This one comes with a Single Handle Pull down Arc Brass Kitchen Sink Faucet with Deck Plate, Single Hole Install, 360 Swivel Spout and Premium Seven Layer Plated Stainless Steel Finish.

The Gramercy Vigo plays an elementary role in your kitchen appliance if wanted single hole fixing. The pull down spray is made of metal and a laser precision grid patter design could be found on the spout thus making it easier for daily basic uses in your kitchen like you can grip the spout while washing and cooking.

This kitchen faucet of yours is long term partner though it lacks technology therefore you cannot increase or decrease the spray force but if you use this Faucet you wouldn’t have to worry about malfunctioning cartridges and thus get a normal water pressure and restraint temperature with the usage of a single lever.

This Gramercy faucet is designed with a soap dispenser so freeing you from another duty of putting hand wash near your sink which saves you from lot of hassle as it may hamper your Faucet or sink. As Vigo mostly uses solid brass in manufacturing this Faucet so, this one is no different and can equally resist corrosion, tarnishing and mineral build up.

This faucet also contains the sedal ceramic disc cartridge which protects it from leakage. Get limited lifetime warranty on the Gramercy Faucet.

VIGO Zurich Single Handle Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steel

The Zurich design accumulates its toughness like a pole that rise up from the sink. The lengthy hose of its let you pull its sprayer as wide as your sink. So you what you get is long and strong faucet which is highly durable. This lengthy hose sprayer can help you by reducing the pressure on your hand and you can easily clean pot or appliances.

The metal cage that extends from bottom to top, hose of it is fully flexible and thus giving an extra amount of reach. You will also find a side spout which will help in using it like an ordinary kitchen faucet and unlike Gramercy there is switch on the handle is given for changing the water temperature.

The Sedal ceramic disc Cartridge could also be found in the faucet which helps in ensuring unnecessary leakage but you may have to repair to it after two years or so.

VIGO Laurelton Single Handle Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steel

This Laurelton single pull down Faucet is becoming quite trendy. This faucet bends more on the commercial side because of its spiral neck which gives it an industrial look. The faucet is quite tall, slim design and has dual function of spray head.

If you have a joint family or running a restraint than installing this Faucet make your life much easier, meaning a spacious kitchen is required for installing this Faucet this will make preparing food a lot easier.

These 22 inches tall faucet offers a good clearance underneath as its powerful spray will accumulate you help wash large pot of stains and grime. As it is build up from solid brass it can resist tarnishing, material build up and rusting. Thus non negligible cleaning is required on this faucet.

VIGO Dior Single Lever Vessel Bathroom Faucet, Chrome

Vigo faucets are not just functions well but also they bring elegance to the place wherever they are applied be it the bathroom or the kitchen and this Dior Single Lever express just about that.

A solid brass construction which is highly durable and giving finishing touch nickel chrome will look just about nice. A single hole installation and helps from corrosion or tarnishing.

The water temperature is easily adjustable with the single lever located on the top and you can easily teach your kid about this simpleton method so they call you time on time and can adjust it on their own.