How to choose among the best kitchen faucets available ?

How to choose among the best kitchen faucets available ?

When it comes to kitchen faucets we generally do not pay heed towards the quality and then after a few months of use, those faucets don’t work properly or get leaked or something! Water leakage is one of the biggest problems faced by people in kitchens. No matter how calmly and generously you use the faucet, after a certain point of time it starts leaking. Sometimes we can change the faucet and use another one. Just imagine if you have a wall mount faucet then how would you take it down? In case of such mountings, you need a trustworthy and dependable faucet.

Problems with faucets:

Another big problem is low water pressure and faucet clogging. These are general problems and you have heard some of these right? No matter which part of the world you reside, these are some set of common problems that you have to face through your life. Clogging takes place when tiny pebbles and soil particles floats through the water and gets trapped at the face of the faucet. Cleaning the faucet head is an easy and affordable solution. But not always one can go for this! So there’s always a special type of faucet available that can save you from such situations.

Fully reviewed list:

So I decided to find myself and the readers a set of wonderful kitchen faucets. I have read a lot of posts, websites, comments and reviews and listed a set of kitchen faucets. Then finally I left everything in the hands of a collective number of people; yes I organized a poll. I let them answer their choice and they voted their opinion. I am putting that voting details here and of course it is not my opinion only, it’s a collective opinion of a set of people. Maybe I am wrong, but those 3000 people cannot be wrong! So the list prepared here is trustworthy.

Types of faucets depending on the technology:

There are several types of faucets depending on your need and the place where the faucet is going to be installed. Here is a list of faucets that are being used by most of the Americans for their trustworthy technology and obviously amazing use.

Pull down faucet:

Pull down kitchen faucets are very popular across the world. No matter which country you choose to look for, pull down faucets are available everywhere and they are quite easy to find. You will get to enjoy these types of faucets mostly when you are going to wash dishes. As these are pull down ones, while cleaning dishes you will not face any kind of water splashing. I know how it feels. Water splashing during a chilly night would be equal to a nightmare right? Well, that’s the beauty of pull down ones. I personally prefer  this one more than others. By the way, these days this type of faucets are available in hands free mode! You can check the different technologies and spray patterns available in this category.

Pull out faucet:

When it comes to pull out faucets, you can expect more precision. Say you want to extend the faucet head towards you or you want to keep it away from you, everything is possible in this type of faucet. People love this type as they are available in plenty and the spray types of these faucets are available in different styles and different mountings. American standard kitchen faucets have a stylish and wonderful set of pull out faucets. I can totally understand your worry. You need a faucet that looks cool with your interiors and at the same time you do not want it to break down every time! You can easily and calmly go for these types of faucets as lots of people have been using them without any problem.

Single Handle Faucet:

If you require lukewarm water for your use, single handle faucet would be your best pick. In winters when you require lukewarm water for almost all types of use, this particular faucet is something you should go for. There’s only one handle to control both the hot and cold water sources. I personally prefer this single handle faucet over double handle faucet. Though in case of double handle faucet you get more precision and correct temperature set up as per your requirement, still I prefer having this single handle things as they are quite easy to handle and work without any hassle.

Two Handle Faucet:

You need precise temperature when it comes to cooking water? Do you prefer bathing in particular temperature water? Then, using double handle faucet will work best for you. As the name suggests, two handles are there in this system. You can control the hot water and the cold water simultaneously. The best use of these types of faucets can be seen in the case of a place where precise temperature control is needed. Lots of such products are available in the market and you have to choose the one that suits your requirement. Before choosing a type, make sure you have proper place to set it up.

SelectFlo faucet:

This is one of the most amazing types of kitchen faucets you could have in your house. When you cook in your kitchen, you would require a faucet for several reasons. Have you ever thought why he water is pouring like this? Why doesn’t it pour a little less? So here is your one stop solution for all types of faucet speed issues. These faucets are available in four types; mist, spray, stream and jet. You can control your faucet without any problem. After pull down faucet, this is my personal favorite one. If you run a restaurant, you would definitely need a multifunctional faucet for different types of usage. This is your perfect buy.

Side spray faucet:

In case of kitchens, one needs to clean lots of dishes every day. If you have a family that consists of lots of members or if you want to finish your work as soon as possible, choosing a good faucet is all you need to do. Side sprayers are best when it comes to use in washing dishes. You can bend the head at any side and after your job is done, you can keep it somewhere else! Hands free systems are available in case of these spray faucets and that is what makes them one of the most trustworthy ones in the market. People love to buy this type of faucets irrespective of places. If you have the same type of requirements, you can also go for the same.

How to select a Faucet Brand?

There are few points you should consider while selecting a kitchen faucet brand. You can even trust us read our article on it. The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands. After reviewing hundreds of faucet and bathroom fixture brands why are we recommending a few brands? There are lots of reasons for us doing so. But the biggest kick is that, I may say wrong and cannot judge properly, but an entire team of people cannot be wrong while judging a brand! I prepared this article after keeping a poll of at least 3000 people and majority of them are either a happy customer of this brand or they are highly recommending this after seeing other peoples showering love towards this brand. So you can easily go for this brand and the products they are offering.

Legendary brand:

This brand has been there in the market for so long. It is doing business for around 140 years and that is not a small time! That’s a huge time for a brand to stay in the market and keep the market in hand! People like brands that are trustworthy. This brand is there in the market for so long and that proves its worth for its clients and others. People love it and trust it and that is the reason, this brand is doing wonderful business in market.


When you are looking for a brand, the products should be efficient enough. You are looking to buy some kitchen faucets, now there are several characteristics of a good faucet is available.  You need to look for a product that complies with your requirements. While choosing one of these products, make sure that you check the product you are spending so much money on should at least conform to the standards needed by you at your kitchen.

Code compliance:

So every product that gets sold out there, maintain a general protocol. The product you are buying must have a set of characteristics that it should possess. Unless the product complies one of those or all points, the authority will not approve it. Say, in case of these kitchen faucets, all the products are certified by America’s standard bathroom fixtures protocols.

These are some of the points that you should remember while choosing the best kitchen faucet for your use. That brand is absolutely safe for you to use and the clients that have used this brand before in the past, recommend this over any other well known or popular brands out there. Make sure you choose the correct product needed by you.