Grohe 32665001 Concetto Single-Handle Pull-Down High Arc Kitchen Faucet

Having a perfect kitchen setup is everybody’s dream and it is not wrong also because if you consider we tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchen and if our kitchen is healthy and clean then we’ll be healthy and clean for sure. So the other day I and my husband decided that we need to have new faucets because the earlier faucets which we have installed wasn’t that worth it because after one month of the installation of that previous faucet it has started leaking and the whole kitchen for some days was like a swimming pool. It was really hard for me to manage during those days so finally we decided that we have to have a new faucet urgently. So initially we researched some of the best faucet which is available right now. So we finally come to the conclusion that Grohe Concetto Single-Handle Pull-Down High Arc Kitchen Faucet will be perfect for our kitchen and for me as well.

So why we have chosen this particular faucet among such a wide range of varieties is a very interesting question. I will be answering you this question in the next part of this content. Along with the description and specification, I will be going to elaborate my own liking and disliking related to this faucet because it has been a week now that we have installed and it is perfect time that I should review this because I guess you might need a legit and honest Grohe concetto kitchen faucet review.

Why we have chosen this particular faucet only?


The look is marvelous I must say you this because it has a shiny metallic surface which looks totally matte. In this new generation where people are obsessed with a matte finish look. I hope so that this will surely attract you also by its look.

Cleaning mechanism:

Where there is water there is a compulsion that there may occur slimy green lichen or lime. But in this faucet, it is not the same case. It is anti-lime which means you don’t have to really invest hours to clean your faucet. It will nearly take a few hours and it would be done. With only one swipe it will be done. So you really don’t need to rush concerning the cleaning of your kitchen faucet.

Dual spray head:

Like many faucets it has dual spray head which means it has spray head and a normal head also which performs a dual function like washing off the dirt from all the vegetables or fruits and secondly it can be also used to fill up pots also. But the most important thing which I want to convey to you related to this faucet is that while switching from one spray head to another it doesn’t really stop the water flow. The water flow continues while switching also which is a great thing which has been incorporated in this faucet.

Double ceramic disk:

Grohe has always promised that they come with all the products which has trust factor and upon which you can rely for a longer period of time. So to make it more long-lasting and durable double ceramic disk has been incorporated so that it can be made to perform good and perfect for a longer period of time. So you might know that there is a lot of instances and I can say that the faucets are being used regularly so it has to made resistant against any wear and tear and due to insertion of this technology this faucet turns out to be a tear and wear-resistant.


The price is surely affordable. And it really doesn’t mean that if it is lower in price, it has low quality. It is a totally wrong concept because every company uses the same raw material the only difference is the specification that thing has. Difference in specifications leads to the difference in the price. So the price range starts from $ 186. So if you have a budget under 200$ then it is the perfect faucet for you as well as for your kitchen. 

What are the pros and cons according to me?

So we have been using this faucet for 6 months now., and I have observed some things related to this faucet. Let’s just discuss those because those are my real experience hope it would be informative for you’ll.


  • So firstly, I am really becoming a die-hard fan of its look. We have received some guests weekend and they were astonished by its look totally. And was really feeling very proud and happy within my self thinking that yes! We made a perfect choice in terms of look.
  • Although it is on the lower side of price, the material is of “A” class. There is no compromising in terms of the material used. It is pure metallic and powerful at the same time.
  • It is very powerful because it can easily withstand a heavy flow of water with having two restrictors. So like mine kitchen, if you have a heavy water flow then you really don’t need to remove the restrictors. It can easily withstand these restrictors.


  • The set up should be perfect. If you are thinking that let’s just buy it and we’ll install it anyway then you are completely wrong because you need to have an installation of this faucet perfectly because we have made a single error while installation and it started leakage. So it would be appealing if you get this same problem. So installation is a bit difficult. 
  • As promised the hose is not that appropriate. It could be made more long-lasting because the hose is the main lifeline of any faucet so if you want to have a good long-lasting faucet then you need to have a good hose within it firstly.

So these were few things which I have noticed in my kitchen faucet of Grohe after its installation. In this, I have tried to discuss all the things which need to be mentioned. Hope it would be helpful.