Grohe 30295000 Essence Professional Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

A well designed and conceptualized faucet:

Faucets are a lifesaver for every kitchen. Not only it increases the quotient of the whole look of the kitchen but also it helps to reduce your work in the kitchen also. There are many several faucets available in the recent day that are brilliant and which are also proving themselves to be great competitors of each other. But according to me, there are certain faucets available both in the online platforms and in offline platforms as well. I have recently installed a new faucet in my kitchen and it is looking really ravishing and beautiful. The faucet which I have installed is a Grohe Faucet.  I was really in a search for a really very good and useful faucet so I was really very into faucets because I wanted to know each and every kind of faucet that is available in the market and which can satisfy my needs related to kitchen faucets. So I have found one such faucet as Grohe faucet. So in this content, you’ll get to know Grohe essence kitchen faucet review which can help you get a legit knowledge related to this faucet. So if you are thinking to get a new one or even thinking to replace your old faucet then I believe you are incorrect content.

Let’s just now straightly get into the review of the faucet:


The look is very lavishing, the look ranges from classic metallic to diamond finished matte finished look. It is so attractive that you’ll be pretty convinced to set up this faucet by its look only.


Handling is super smooth and easy since the company promises that it is super long-lasting and that it is worth spending and investing in this so it is compulsory that the handling system in the faucet should be well designed and smoothened. And this point is well considered in this faucet. The technology which has been used in this faucet is GROHE Silk Move cartridge technology.

Forward rotation:

This is a quality by which the forward rotating lever present in the faucet will help avoiding the backsplash which washing off vegetables and fruits. Because of this technology, it helps in having a soft rotatory motion which can help it having a good all-around motion. 

Size of spout:

The spout size is very comfortable which allows you to even fill a pot very easily without any hassle. It is very important that the spout size should be perfect and it should be appropriate in the concept of doing all kitchen oriented works well. in this faucet also the spout size has been conceptualized well according to all the needs in a kitchen like washing off the dirt from vegetable and fruits and eve for filling up small pots which are required in the kitchen every time.

Quality of hose:

The hose is yet another very important thing is faucet which needs to be well designed, the hose which is present in this faucet id really flexible and hygienic at the same time which has been incorporated with multi-tasking springs which truly can aid you in all your diverse kitchen tasks.

Spray heads:

It has dual spray head which can serve both purposes of rinsing off the dirt from the vegetables and fruits and also for filling up any utensils. But it has a special quality that the water current doesn’t stop if you switch from one spray head to the other one. It is a problem in many faucets that the water current usually stops when it comes to switching but in this faucet, it is a boon that the water current doesn’t stop.

Super cleanable:

Because of its stainless steel material it is really super easy to cleanse off. Just a single wipe is enough to clean up the faucet well. So if you are worried that you need to take some hours to make it look good then you are having a completely wrong notion. It will take a few minutes and you’ll be done cleaning it.

Magnetic docking spray head:

Generally some additional steps are required when it comes to setting up the docking spray head. But in this faucet, there is a magnetic docking spray head which doesn’t require any additional set up and contradictory it can be easily set up with that of the spout. It is a great advantage in this faucet so if you are thinking to get this faucet then you are deciding on a correct path I guess.


Height is very important in faucet because it only helps in smooth conduction of faucet later. So the height of faucet is around 530 millimeters which can be easily installed near you kitchen sink basement or even under your kitchen cabinet.


The price is pretty affordable if you are really interested in getting a nice faucet. And if you are thinking of having a one-time investment then you should definitely invest in this for sure. The price range starts from $435.01 which is in total very good if you are looking for the things you are getting. If you compare the qualities you are getting with that of the price then you’ll definitely realize that it is a perfect price for such properties.

The final review:

I am into faucets for a few days or you can say since few months. I wanted to get every detailed knowledge related to all the faucets which I can personally install in my kitchen. As I am a kitchen person, I don’t really want anything messed up in my kitchen so I was in search of a faucet which can decrease the load of work from me and I found that faucet in Grohe faucets. I thought I should go for a Grohe essence kitchen faucet review so that if anybody who is really interested in switching their faucet urgently they can have some knowledge related to this particular faucet through this content. Hope so it turns out to be informative for you and yes! The final decision is for sure yours.