Hansgrohe Talis M Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review

An accurate and literal review

Faucets are very integral part of our kitchen and life as well. If your faucet is good looking and at the same time very functional also then you don’t need to have many worries related to your kitchen and also related to your kitchen décor also. The best thing about modernized faucets is that they can compliment any of its contemporary kitchens in all ways. So if you don’t have a modernized faucet and thinking to get one very soon then you first need to know about some best companies and best faucets which you can have in your kitchen.

After gathering about some information related to the faucet you’ll be matured enough to choose the best faucet for your kitchen and kitchen interior. So in this content, you’ll get Hansgrohe Talis M Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review which can help you get a new and modernized faucet within some span of time. So, now let’s get into the review of this particular review straightly.

Hansgrohe Talis M Pull Down Kitchen Faucet: It is totally different from any other faucet the market has currently because of the look and the design it has. Not only the design and look it has some much modernized and advanced feature which makes it more different and classic form every other faucet. It has base-plate or you can say deck-plate which can help you covering or masking the extra holes if you have left unused. By covering them it will assure that it will never leak from any unexpected place like form the holes left.

The spout size is so perfect that it doesn’t let the water splash when you need to wash off the plates or even vegetables. One more thing which attracts the customers is its low price as compared to different companies. But the thing is although they have very less price as compared to other companies doesn’t really means that they compromise with any of the material’s quality. This faucet is generally of three-hole mounted faucets which requires three holes for installation and if you have previously installed 3 or 4 holes it doesn’t really come as a hindrance because deck plates are being provided by which the extra unused holes can be masked or closed easily.

The spout size is also amazing and perfect to have a good kitchen experience in your kitchen because the spout size is very important as having a perfect spout size doesn’t allow water to splash when you are into some work like washing plates or utensils or even vegetables. Talking about this faucet, I can elaborate some of its pros and cons according to my experience and knowledge related to this faucet. So look over these points which can help you know much about the faucet.


  • The product is so good that you might wonder why the price is so reasonable and low? And this question only turns up to become the first advantage of this faucets. So in a very affordable price, you can easily get a very useful faucet which not only works well but also compliments perfectly with your kitchen.
  • The body or you can say the finishes are made up of brass which looks totally stunning and glamorous. This high-quality brass body doesn’t only look good but also it acts as an anti-bacterial for the faucet which is again an amazing fact and advantage as well.
  • The spout has a swivel of around 150° so you can rotate the spout according to your work and need up to 150°
  • When I come to its look it leaves me in total speechless condition because of its sleek and stylish look. The faucet can compliment your kitchen so much that you will love yo come in your kitchen over and over again without any subtle reason.
  • The base plates which are being provided are 10 inches long so they are pretty much capable of masking some left out holes form the previous installation or anyway if holes are being left they can help to mask those easily. 
  • The ceramic cartridges which are being used in this faucet are made up of excellent material. They are totally capable of maintaining the health of the faucet from internal very well thus ultimately leading to making the faucet last long and makes it durable as well.
  • One very useful advantage is that this faucet is provided with two-mode of spray which helps you comforting you in different ways such as working while washing usual things and another is while filling some pots or utensils.
  • The handles are basically kind of boltic handle which are very strong and they can be fitted over again if they become loose so it stays always fitted and doesn’t let it move or loose.
  • The kit which you’ll order is being aided with some flexible tools and equipment which allows you to install your faucet by your own without any help of any plumber. Since there is a flexible hose thus it is much more easy to get it done within some minutes without anybody’s help.


  • There aren’t any much disadvantages related to the manufacturing stuff but yes, after all, we are humans, even though we go for buying single stuff but we end up choosing much different stuff in the same time so in this faucet there are only two finishes from which you have to choose. You might not consider this as a con but yeah according to me and being a girl we like having an option and in this faucet, choices lack majorly.

So by these points, I guess you have reached somewhere near your conclusion related to this faucet but don’t you worry if you are too away from that conclusion. Upcoming points will surely do the work for you. So next I am going to elaborate on the key features of this faucet so that apart from its disadvantages you get to know about some of the main features which are the extremely attractive feature of this faucet.

Key Features of Hansgrohe Talis:

  • The style is super attractive: the world is really attracted or you can say obsession related to sleek and slim things or human also. This is not that right related to humans for sure but I also don’t mind when it comes to the matters of essentials you need in your home. As sleek things not only look good but they also accommodate in small space also and doesn’t make that place look odd. The same concept applies to in this faucet also it looks so attractive and beautiful that you’ll at least thought once of getting it in your lifetime. It is an effortless faucet because it does play its part while sitting there in the background, you’ll manage to get a compliment for your kitchen because of this faucet. 
  • Presence of Brass Body: if you are searching for something durable and beautiful at the same time then I guarantee you won’t find such a masterpiece in this price ever. The brass body allows the faucet to be long-lasting because of the anti-bacterial property and also the strength factor it has so it manages to stay quite long years. Customers do ask that how you get that it is of good quality even without purchasing so the answer to this question is very simple. First of all, it is made up of brass so that initial battle is won by it already and the remaining battle depends upon the weight of the material used. If they are good in weight then the whole battle is won by the faucet easily. So you can check the weight in the specification listed in the online site. You can check that and assume that is it good or not so good. The parts of faucets are so strong that unless you drop them from a very high height, it would get damaged any other way.
  • Base plates or deck plates are superb: Black plates are one of the important and useful internal parts which are needed in two ways and it can be used whenever you want. So basically the basic work you can do with deck plate is that they help to mask the unwanted holes left during the previous installation or even by mistakes extra holes are being made. So by deck plates, you can easily mask those holes while installation.
  • Use of Ceramic cartridges: ceramic cartridges are yet another very useful and important internal part which helps in keeping the faucet good internally without any leakages. Some critics always think that good ceramic cartridges are a complete myth which is completely wrong. But this faucet has proved this completely wrong because the ceramic cartridges present and available in this faucet are pretty much capable of avoiding any leakage from any parts. And this is not been proved by any random thoughts, it has been tested from thousands of customers and it has been tested in even very busy households also and it has been seen that the ceramic cartridges work really well.
  • Vertical lever starting position: in general, there are two main levers which help in the regulation of the temperature and this vertical lever isn’t accepted by many industries till now. But in the case of this faucet vertical lever has been extensively used. The faucet behind this is knowing the angle for the correct amount of hot temperature you need. As per the angle by which you can have the perfect temperature you can select that particular temperature. So by a few days of practice, you can definitely go for the correct angle and correct temperature according to your needs.

So these are some of the main key features or you can say that most attractive points that prove that it is very productive and useful at the same time. So I think this should be much-required information related to the faucet. But wait a minute guys! I am not done yet. I have seen in many sites and also people ask me personally also after my installation of the faucet. So I think it would be beneficial if I answer those frequently asked questions then it would be great for all my readers.

Some FAQs are listed below take a look

What’s the matter related to the spray button?

Ans: Spray button is being provided with the spray head. When the button is kept on the water flow is maintained but when you leave the button it somewhat affects the flow so it has become some sort of on and off button kind of rather than spray button so it turns out to be bit inconvenient for some people.

So how easy would it be to install a faucet like this?

Ans: So the installation process is very good and easy at the same time so if you are thinking that you will install it by yourself then you are surely going through the right way. So the kit is provided with some very beneficial kits which can help you install the faucet in no time. Just go along the information and it will be done without any delays. 

Does the base plate is made with the same material as that of the faucet?

Ans: sometimes it does happen when the material isn’t that good like the faucets material’s which leads to further leakage so this case doesn’t really happen with this faucet the material is same in both the base plate and faucet which makes it more stable and useable for many years.

Final verdict:

According to me, this is no doubt a very professional and over-whelming product which totally manages to allure you by its look and its specification also. I have currently installed it in my kitchen and with no surprise, we are receiving a great response from all of our guests. So if you want to install it then do prefer gathering some information and if it suits your kitchen then surely go for it!