Kraus KPF-1602 Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review

A genuine and legit Kraus single handle kitchen faucet review

If you are financially stable and well established then you surely want to make your life better and progressive. May it be your external life or your internal life you may want to be more stable and balanced at the same time. If I talk about the interior of the home where we live our spend our whole life people generally invest everything to make their home beautiful and divine. The same applies to the kitchen as well, it is a place from where we have our food all day long. So the kitchen needs to be well established and furnished in all possible way. When we come to the concept of faucets in our kitchen we usually ignore a bit related to that, ignoring the faucets can make your kitchen experience not that good. So it is always advised that you should have at least a sustainable amount of information and knowledge related to the faucets. Ignoring faucet will ultimately lead to ignoring the life of your kitchen as well. So to help you gather some information related to the particular faucets, this content will have Kraus KPF-1602 Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review which can help you have good as well as some not so good reviews on it. So it will be a legit review to help you know that is it worth of your money or you can get through any other faucets. 

Let’s get through the review now straightly:

Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet: The outer coiled look around the faucet is so fascinating and alluring that it can be complimented in every kitchen ambiance. The coiled look is so modernized that it can attract every guest you have in your home. It has a construction of lead-free brass material which makes it long-lasting and rust-resistant also because due to the contact with air many materials got hampered very badly and they got rusted which can decrease the life span of the faucet.

It has a single handle operator which can manage multiple tasks with the same operator like hose switching and other temperature adjustments also. The rinse spray is super powerful and it is also considered as a pre-rinse spray which promises to give a high water pressure. Sometime power water supply could be a negative point also so the faucet is aided with an internal diverter which is a 2-way diverter for smooth conduction of the water supply. This helps in controlling the pressure of the water supply to a great extent if the pressure is very heavy.

The industrial look of this faucet manages to give a very dramatic look with every contemporary kitchen may it be a super- modernized or even a simple and classic kitchen. By experiencing a Kraus faucet you can fall in love with your kitchen even more. Because of the perfect spout height, it helps you get your kitchen work done easily and perfectly too. Along with the spout height, the pull-down sprayer head also helps in adding the comfort and flexibility to you and because of this, you can also get your work done easily. The internal diverter is installed in the spout head only.


  • The Kraus kitchen faucet is laid with some top quality components like ceramic cartridges because it helps in managing the good health of the faucet and also the faucet will have a drip-free environment internally. Aerator is also used inside the faucet which helps in reducing the waste in the water and also it helps in achieving this need without compromising in water pressure.
  • Pre- Rinse spray is provided which doesn’t allow hard water and also doesn’t allow limescale buildup also. Due to the rubber installation, it is also easy to be used.
  • Outer coil Spout makes the whole look of the faucet very beautiful and fascinating as well. And also the outer coil is easily 360° rotatable. So it looks fantastic also and it works well also.
  • Kraus has always been known for their easy installation. This particular faucet has one hole mounting installation which is really to be installed. Tools are being provided in the kit only so if you know something about faucet installation then you can easily get it installed by yourself only.

So these are an overall review which you can find in any site but I am here to share my own experience related to this particular faucet. So we decided last week that we need to switch and change the faucet because it was totally worn out and the faucet was leaking which has made my kitchen worse to work on. So it was high time to get it done, beside of repairing we decided that replacing will be a great idea and we went through some online reviews and searched for the beat which was in our budget for sure because we can’t go beyond our budget to get a faucet. After few days of continue searching and reading about the faucet, we get to know about the Kraus single handle pull down kitchen faucet which was kind of perfect for us because it had everything which we are looking for in a faucet. We checked the specifications very well and finally decided that we’ll order one and we’ll ask every possible query of us through their customer service and we did the same. We order one and waited for it and asked every relevant question through the customer service.

After the faucet reached home, we tried to get it installed by ourselves only and we kind of succeeded also we get it installed it easily. We were mesmerized by its look and specifications which it has. Everything was perfect and it also appealed to our guests. Those who visited us ask once about the faucet and about the specification that what is its detailed information and from where we have ordered this beauty and we were very excited and impressed about the reaction it was getting by our visitors. And according to me also it was really very easy to be work with. The spray head was very cool and it manages to clean every thing. But initially as the day passed, around 1 week after the water pressured slightly decreased and I noticed that also for some days, but when the water pressure started decreasing a lot I informed my husband related to this. He advised me to call for a plumber then because it might be possible that any waste material could be attached internally in any parts.

The plumber checked but there wasn’t any fault internally. I then contacted the customer service of Kraus and they told that it might be the problem of my kitchen water supply mainly or it might be some accumulation of calcium built up internally in the faucet. But I didn’t believe that because in any new faucet calcium will not be accumulated so easily. So I again complained to the company and advised them to check once by their own. Within few days they reached to us and they checked the whole thing which includes the faucet and the pipeline as well and I was glad after their checking that they accepted that some parts were not good in the faucet mainly the ceramic cartridges so they immediately took it off and promised us to that they will install a new one by their own within only 2 working day. And they did what they promised. They excelled in their customer services which I like the most. So along with the specification, their customer service is of also very high quality.

Initially, after I got this issue I was ready to replace the faucet again because I could not have a faucet which adds to my stress level. I needed a faucet because I wanted to make my kitchen happy and that was totally not going according to the plan at all. So I decided to wait for the respond from the company and the respond of the company was very pleasing and that impressed me a lot.

This response from them and that also quick responds makes me feel that they know the importance of their customer. As the customer’s reviews are the only thing by which they can help in gathering their popularity and their reputation too. So because of their effort, I increased the star even after getting a non-furnished faucet so it was a combination of initial bad experience and then ultimately a good experience too.

Overall view:

So this was my experience my review about the faucet. No doubt the faucet is good because it is budget-friendly faucet which can help saving you money too so if you have a restricted budget do go for this faucet and additionally as a last saying I wasn’t to say that the experience I shared was my experience it might be totally different for you so you need to be prepared by yourself and you should also gather some extra information so that after installation you don’t find any difficulties.