Types of Kitchen Faucets

Cooking everyday is a tiresome task. But everything becomes easy if you get a clean kitchen with modern appliances and modern add ons. Cleanliness is a wonderful feature and for that mounting appropriate faucet important. Different types of faucets are available online. Depending on your requirement you need to choose the appropriate faucet available in market. Depending on the type of kitchen you have and depending on the requirement of yours, you are certainly going to find one perfect faucet.

Some common types of Kitchen Faucets are:

The popular types of kitchen faucets are discussed here:

Single hole faucets

These are authentic and old version of kitchen faucets. A single hole is needed to be made on the kitchen top to mount the faucet. There’s a top mounted handle is available to control the pressure and water temperature. This faucet is famous for the easy and problem free mounting. The curved neck of the faucet ensures water droplets to fall at a particular place without too much splashing.

Pull out

As the name suggests, the faucet can be detachable and taken out from the place with the help of a pulled hose. This particular type of faucet is used to clean the sink and the no to easy reachable ends of the pots while cleaning them. Pull out faucets are very convenient for cleaning kitchens. They are made of various materials like stainless steel, bronze, brass etc. You name it and that’s available online.


Centerset or the two handle faucet comes with two separate holes, each of them dedicated for different types of water. You can now get both hot and cold water from a single tap. Sometimes you can arrange a system from where you can get the hot and cold water mixed. The requirement of lukewarm water is also high in several countries.


Widespreads and centerset look almost similar. In case of centerset, the faucet and handles are mounted on a single sheet. In case of widespread ones, faucets are mounted on different places; at least 6 to 16 inches apart from each other. This type of faucet also works similar to centerset ones. The positive side is that the layout can be custom made as per the user’s requirement.

Pull down

If you do not like to create a mess on your kitchen top, this is the particular thing you should look for. There’s no hose attached with the faucet, so the range is limited. Now the faucet head is places within the sink and hence, the chance of creating a mess in minimal in this case.

Sideways sprayer

This is a little similar to pull out sprayers. You are getting 360 degree movable aerator sprayer. You will get a chance to choose the sprayer as per your wish. In this case, the faucet is not extendable, but another piece of faucet can be placed right beside the original faucet. The chance of unhygienic water use decreases in this case.

Basin taps

These are old setups used earlier when the concept of getting hot and cold water from different faucets was a myth. At that time, people used to mix hot and cold water in a tub and never thought of getting hot water out from a faucet. In this set up a faucet and a handle is available separately. So while mounting the faucets, you need to make two holes on your kitchen top. This is an old setup and you cannot expect a smart set of faucet in your kitchen.

Two handle one hole

You need hot and cold water separately? Do you know how to do DIYs? If yes, then you can mount this faucet on your own. There’s only one hole needed to be made on the kitchen top. The only problem with this piece is that you need to replace the whole set if a part is not working properly. You cannot change a part separately.

Wall mounted

You will get the same hot and cold water facility in this setup. The faucets will be mounted on wall and not on the sink top. The faucet head still faces the sink. While mounting the system, one needs to make multiple holes on the wall. The setup will give you some good space on the counter top. The set up will also allow you to clean everything easily.  But you may need to change some wall mountings and you may face huge water splash while using this type of faucet.

Pot fillers

Till now we were discussing faucets that can be used in domestic purposes. But this one is purely made for commercial use and regular sinks cannot handle the high force coming out of these taps. High pressure, high volume and high force can be expected when we are discussing these taps. With the help of pipes, these taps can be mounted at any required part of the room. Busy places like restaurant kitchens where time saving is needed, this particular tap is something we should look out for. The installation of this particular tap will be deck mounted or wall mounted as the normal sinks are not fit for such force.

Cold water taps

If you work in a kitchen where rinsing lots of vegetables and meats is a daily task, this particular type of faucet is all you need. You need to look out for long necked taps and faucets that spray cold water with the help of aerator faucet. These particular taps are easy to be mounted on sink tops without much fuss. So you will get cold water as per your requirement. There’s another type of faucet os also available that offer hot water when you need.

Faucet with filters

This is one of the high end types that ensure that you will get pure water. A small water filter with a small capacity is added to the faucet and when the water passes through the filter, it gives pure problem free clean water for your use.

These are some basic types of kitchen faucets liked and loved by people across the world.