Antique Kitchen Faucets

Vintage cars gives us goosebumps, right ?

So does Vintage Faucets.

Even though we are moving towards a high-end type of faucets but there are instances that prove the vintage feeling is still within us somewhere.

It’s impossible to match the level of vintage products by any means because they are the first variation of anything or any product. The touch of authenticity is always true in every antique and vintage product. The same thing applies to Kitchen faucets also.

And we must agree, they look kinda royal and rich. 

Here is a list of good best antiques faucet available:

In this article, some best antique/vintage kitchen faucet reviews will be done by me so that you can get an idea about the specification related to such antique faucets and so that you can get a knowledge that how you should install it.

Vintage Kitchen Sink Faucets

Recently I myself has installed a vintage faucet in my kitchen to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. We have two kitchens my house so in kitchen normal modernized faucet is installed and I wanted a new vintage faucet to get installed in my other kitchen.

So it will be little unfair if I review about the only product which I have installed so I’ll be reviewing 5 top-rated faucets which are antique and vintage along with some pros and cons of those particular faucets.

Top rated 5 antique/ vintage kitchen faucets are listed below, take a look:

Antique Spring Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet:

Last updated on September 11, 2023 11:26 pm

It is similar to an antique copper kitchen faucets. The look is very appealing and attractive at the same time because of its bronze finish it look true antique and divine.

If you are an amateur related to faucet installation then don’t you worry there are some special installation tools that you can use for the installation of the faucet on your own. It has two types of hose containing hot and cold hose also.

It has a single hole installation faucet which requires only a single hole for installation. All the vintage faucets have been given a bit high range but this is faucet which has a comparatively low price.

Now just discuss about some pros and cons of this faucets:


  • The look is very cool because of the black and bronze finish as it gives that such classic and vintage touch. So if you are a big fan of such color and design then you are surely investing in something very useful and worth the price also.
  • It has to pull-down spray head that allows you to work easily with the faucet. You can easily work with that spray head to wash off the dirt from vegetables and fruits.


  • It does have a lower water pressure so if your water supply is less then it will not have proper water pressure.

Best Brass Kitchen Faucet Reviews

GAPPO Gold Kitchen Faucet Pull Out Kitchen Sink Faucet Dual Handle 3 in 1 High Arc Water Filter Purifier Faucets:

It has a solid brass construction design which looks very authentic and classic at the same time. It manages to lure nay guest who comes to visit you.

Since the material is corrosion and rust free it becomes long-lasting and durable with a little care and cleanliness you can clean up the faucet without any additional works. Also, it is called as 3 in 1 faucet which includes hot and cold hose and RO supply as well.

This faucet is too very easy to be installed and the lit is supplied with an installation kit so it will be very easy for anybody to install it later without any help. It has been provided with two different kinds of handle for two different uses.

Also, 1 hole installation is provided, so if you have a single hole installation place then it will perfectly complement that.


  • The spout height is pretty good that’s what it is easy to handle and work also. The water will not splash even in a heavy water pressure also.
  • Three-layer Hose construction is available in this faucet which reduces or nullifies the chances of explosion within the faucet.

No such cons are seen in this faucet.

Lordear Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Single Hole Brushed Nickel Pull out Deck Mounted Pull Down Kitchen Sink:

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Last updated on September 11, 2023 11:26 pm

The design is so sleek and professional that it manages to attract any of you. The tulip design resembles like a tulip which totally suits any kind of kitchen perfectly. The steel finish not only looks classic but it can be easily manageable too. With one wipe you can easily clean that faucet without any effort. The faucet can be managed by single-handed only and you can operate different function by the same handle only so it becomes manageable to a great extent. The customer service of this company is way more active so if you find any defect while installation you can instantly contact them and they will replace it within a few hours only.


  • Ceramic plate is being provided which really helps it making more protective and secured internally also. If the internal system of faucet is well secured then your external faucet doesn’t get damaged.
  • The customer service is very supportive and active because not every company is so responsive and active towards their customers.


  • The installation is a bit tricky and it needs to be installed by the plumber because while installation you need to stick the base well while installation.


Last updated on September 11, 2023 11:26 pm

The faucets are made up of brass which looks very pure and authentic at the same time so it gives the true earthy essence of the vintage faucet. The cartridges are washerless which helps in making more durable and long-lasting internally.

As the world is heading towards modernization if you have such a masterpiece in your home the guests will go amazed and crazy at the same time. Deck mounted installation is present that helps you blocking and masking some extra holes handles are provided which help you maintaining two different functions by two different handles. So it may be a difficult task to handle initially but it becomes very easy if you get used to it slowly slowly.


So it has 4 holes installation which is very unique on its own kind. So if you want you can replace the faucet by installing less hole installed faucet.


According to the price, it is not that worth it because many modern technologies have been lacking in this which makes it way more disappointing because even though the faucet is in look of vintage but they should inculcate the main modernized qualities also.

The parts don’t last well for long. Even a year it could break down and even the sprayer could break down very easily within a year which is not the case with other vintage faucets.

Hiendure Classic Antique Brass Finish Kitchen Faucet Centerset Sink Tap Copper:

The brass look gives so satisfying essence that you’ll love to get it installed in your modernized kitchen and well-established kitchen.

High-quality material is used which are proper to be used and many testing has been done to make it more work efficient. Due to double ceramic disks, you are liable to get a very efficient faucet which doesn’t let water to leak off from the pipeline.

It is really easy to install it because of the kits being provided with it. So it is very easy to install in one go.


So the look is the main plus point which is very good in every aspect. If you want to get installed then you can have your kitchen set up totally different.

Due to the use of high-quality material in the faucet thus the faucets is well built and strong which and makes it more durable and long-lasting at the same time.


It has been that hose line has some technical issues. They do not work proportionately according to its work which is a bit disappointing.

Should you buy Old fashioned Kitchen faucets ?

So these were reviews of some best-rated vintage and antique faucet which will totally compliment your modernized looking kitchen.

Faucets are boon to any kitchen. it reduces the workload from a great extent without any hassle to clean it up regularly. You have been seen many modernized matte-finished silver-finished faucet which too looks very gorgeous and mesmerizing but there is a different essence in any vintage looking thing.

Although the look is vintage doesn’t really means that the technologies within it are also back-dated and if any faucet has back-dated technologies then you should definitely avoid the purchase of such faucet.

There are faucets which are comparatively low in price and again it doesn’t mean that the quality gets hampered yes it might be the case that it doesn’t have such level of specification that is present in a new and high priced faucets.

But you want some experiment in your kitchen then you should definitely try a vintage-looking faucet in your modernized kitchen. it will look divine and earthy while you are doing your normal work in your kitchen.

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